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Title: Sustainable Preservation-Persistence of the Former Architecture in Opposition Times
Authors: Zinoski, M., Djidrova, M.
Keywords: Preservation, Social sustainability, Cultural sustainability
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: Balkanski Arhitektonski Bijenale - BAB / Balkan Architectural Biennale - BAB
Source: Zinoski, M., Djidrova, M. (2019). Sustainable Preservation-Persistence of the Former Architecture in Opposition Times. International Conference: Decoding Balkan. Belgrade, 2019. Balkan Architectural Biennale - BAB. pp. 150-165
Conference: International conference: Decoding Balkan: Architecture, Urbanism, Planning
Abstract: The epochal era of modernity has been immersed in the era of transition in the post-socialist countries, with a number of social systems finding themselves on the threshold of re-discovering their own identity. The political and economic segments have joined the current forms of plural political systems and the liberal market. The architecture remained a trace of previous decades and political systems to testify about the history of the current society. The architectural heritage determined the multilayer identity, in terms of its deconstruction created oppositions, and brought architecture to a new institutional position. This paper titled "The Persistence of Former Architecture in the Opposition Times" aims to critically elaborate its point of view, to examine and re-define the notion of the paradigm "preservation" of the former architectural heritage. Furthermore, labor through the concept of sustainability indicates the assumption that the architectural work differs from the historical work in the communicative value, i.e. it has no museological significance. From the positions of pluralistic social ideological systems, it is necessary to define the practice of preservation of the former architecture as part of anthropology and the effects on the political, cultural and institutional context. For this purpose, the paper "Persistence of former architecture in Opposition Times" through the re-thinking of the history of architecture examines the nature and contemporary epistemology of the notion preservation of the inherited architectural buildings and discusses the cultural, pragmatic, social, professional and ethical aspects of contemporary paradigm of social and cultural sustainability of former buildings.
ISBN: 978-86-7924-232-7
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