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Title: The occurrence of sprouts of bioethical consciousness in Macedonia
Authors: Donev, Dejan 
Keywords: bioethics,ethical education, globalization, legislation, bioethical consciousness
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: AVM, Munchen
Source: Donev D. The occurrence of sprouts of bioethical consciousness in Macedonia. In: Law, Public Health Care System and Society, Volume 8 - "Macedonia: Social Policy, Legislation, Biomedicine and Ethics of Organ Transplantation, Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction Medicine. AVM. Munchen, 2012: 233-249
Abstract: What bioethics, from its formal definition represents is “a systematic research of moral dimensions – including moral views, decisions, behavior and acts – in case of life knowledge and wellness, which at the same time uses different ethical methodologies in interdisciplinary environment”, and even more like Otfried Höffe in his „Ethical lexicon“ says, „bioethics is understood as interdisciplinary science based on survival which primary goal is building bridges between spiritual and natural knowledge“ - alongside them, it’s all clear: bioethics is more than needed in facing and solving current problems of human supine behavior, especially the abuse found in biotechnical revolution! So, perhaps we can say that we will climb on the bridge in the future? In this context, bioethics can be considered and used as one of the most powerful and constructive resources for solving the problems of universal existence and survival, through its study and reseach into the educational system and scientific research because it is very efficient database for creating and developing new forms of rigorous human consciousness and self-awareness. This means that it is more than even necessary to introduce bioethics abroad. Unlike many neighbouring countries on the Balkan, in Macedonia, one doesn't talk about bioethics as a developing discipline, which is a normal fact or part of scientific activities and researches anywhere else, or even less does one talk about bioethics as something that is a systematic part of education, including ethical education and science. While the world is working on the preparations for the worst possible scenario according to climate changes and other factors, at the very same time, this same world is doing its best for including the bioethics and bioethical education in becoming active parts of saving lives and living. But, what happens in Macedonia with the idea and practice of bioethics? Does it have any kind of trace in term of history of the bioethical consciousness.
ISBN: 978-3-86924-357-3
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