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Full Name
Kondov, Borislav
Vernacular Name
Кондов, Борислав
Borislav Kondov
Борислав Кондов
Kondov B
Кондов Б
B Kondov
Б Кондов
Borce Kondov
Борче Кондов
Kondov Borce
Кондов Борче
Кондов Борислав
Kondov Borislav
Main Affiliation
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Subject:  deep vein arterialization

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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Deep vein arterialisation: case reportCvetanovski V; Arsovski A; Mitevski A; Cvetanovska, M ; Kondov B ; Dimitrov Z2021Article
2New surgical technique for treatment of superficial varicose veinsV Cvetanovski; A Arsovski; L Brajevikj; A Mitevski; M Cvetanovska ; B Kondov ; Z Dimitrov2022Article