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Full Name
Kondov, Borislav
Vernacular Name
Кондов, Борислав
Borislav Kondov
Борислав Кондов
Kondov B
Кондов Б
B Kondov
Б Кондов
Borce Kondov
Борче Кондов
Kondov Borce
Кондов Борче
Кондов Борислав
Kondov Borislav
Main Affiliation
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Date Issued:  [2000 TO 2009]

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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Analysis of the risk factors in patients with multyvessel coronary artery diseaseB. Kondov ; A. Mishkovski; I. Marin; M. Vasic; E. Srbinovska-Kostovska 2007Proceeding article
2Evaluation of albendazole in treatment of surgically treated hydrated cyst of the lungG. Kondov ; I. Kondova-Topuzovska ; A. Arsovski; D. Smileski; B. Kondov 2007Proceeding article
3The incidence of Q fever in hospitalized patients with community acquired pneumoniaBorislav Kondov ; S Marinkovic Petrusevska2009Proceeding article
4Significance of laboratory-biochemical findings in the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumoniaI. Kondova Topuzovska ; G. Peslikovska; E. Boskovska; A. Anastasovska; S. Petrusevska Marinkovik; B. Kondov 2008Proceeding article