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Author:  Davcheva, Natasha

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1Forensic perspective of sudden death due to pancreatitis: Case reportBelakaposka, Viktorija ; Bitoljanu, Natasha ; Ivcheva, Ana ; Davcheva, Natasha ; Jankova Ajanovska, Renata ; Stankov, Aleksandar ; Chakar, Zdravko ; Janeska, Biljana Aug-2018Proceeding article
2Forensic perspective of sudden death due to pancreatitis: Case reportBelakaposka Srpanova, V; Bituljanu, N; Ivcheva, A ; Davcheva, N ; Jankova Ajanovska, R ; Stankov, A ; Chakar, Z ; Janeska, B Sep-2018Proceeding article
3Medico-legal aspects in the expertise of Anesthesia related deathDavcheva, Natasha ; Stankov, Aleksandar ; Poposka, Verica ; Chakar, Zdravko ; Jakjovski, Zlatko ; Pavlovski, Goran ; Bitoljanu, Natasha ; Belakaposka, Viktorija Aug-2018Proceeding article
4Medico-legal aspects in the expertise of Anesthesia related deathDavceva, N ; Stankov, A ; Poposka, V ; CHakar, Z ; Jakjovski, Z ; Pavlovski, G ; Bitoljanu, N; Belakaposka, V Sep-2018Proceeding article
5Presence of Diatoms in an event of natural deathNikolova, Ksenija ; Stankov, Aleksandar ; Davcheva, Natasha ; CHakar, Zdravko Sep-2003Proceeding article
6Second-time injuries obtained by the participants in the military conflicts in the Republic of MacedoniaDuma Aleksej; Davcheva, Natasha ; Chakar, Zdravko ; Janeska, Biljana ; Poposka, Verica ; Gutevska, ASep-2002Proceeding article
7Significance of Trponin I in determination of sudden cardiac deathBitoljanu, Natasha ; Bujaroska, Marija ; Janeska, Biljana ; Chakar, Zdravko ; Davcheva, Natasha ; Poposka, Verica Nov-2017Proceeding article
8Software determination of the enterance angle of a gunshot woundJakjovski, Zlatko ; Davcheva, Natasha ; CHakar, Zdravko ; Jakjovski, Vladimir; Duma, Aleksej2001Proceeding article
9Traumatic axonal injury, a clinico-pathological correlationDavcheva, Natasha ; Sivevski, Atanas ; Stankov, Aleksandar ; Pavlovski, Goran ; Bitoljanu, Natasha ; Chakar, Zdravko Aug-2017Proceeding article
10Номограмски метод за одредување на времето на смрттаPoposka, Verica ; Janeska, Biljana ; CHakar, Zdravko ; Davcheva, Natasha Jun-2003Proceeding article