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Full Name
Dimitrova, Elizabeta
Vernacular Name
Елизабета Димитрова
Димитрова, Елизабета
Dimitrova, E.
Димитрова, Е.
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1“Beauty and no Beast” Social and Cultural Perspectives of Beauty in Byzantine PaintingDimitrova, Elizabeta 2022Journal Article
2Byzantium at Display: Six Mosaic Images from the Age of Justinian IDimitrova, Elizabeta 2012Journal Article
3Homines Immortales: Four Portraits of Historic GiantsDimitrova, Elizabeta 2024Proceeding article
4Imago Historica – Thy Name is Beauty: feminine and masculineDimitrova, Elizabeta ; Zorova, Orhideja2021Proceeding article
5“Iustitia Subjectiva” or “Crimina Imaginativa” In the Fresco Ensembles of “Macedonia Byzantina”Dimitrova, Elizabeta 2020Proceeding article
6The Mosaic at the Entrance of the Episcopal Basilica in Heraclea Lyncestis: Its Didactical Charge and Ritual Impact over the CongregationDimitrova, Elizabeta 2015Journal Article
7Old Testament Abraham and His Journey Through the Iconography of Medieval MacedoniaDimitrova, Elizabeta ; Zorova, Orhideja2020Proceeding article
8Power of Art: How One Consumes Art’s Metaphrasic Context of Undisclosed EmotionalityDimitrova, Elizabeta 2020Journal Article
9“Rhythm and Groove”. The Dynamics of Line and Its Ideo-synchronicity in Art and ArchaeologyDimitrova, Elizabeta 2021Journal Article
10Tales From Imaginary Archives: painterly, biblical and otherwiseDimitrova, Elizabeta 2023Journal Article
11The Unpretentious Crypto Avant-Garde or How did the Early Christian Practitioners Envisage Art (Ideological Approach, Concepts, Creation)Dimitrova, Elizabeta 2018Journal Article
12V. I. Personalities in Medieval MacedoniaDimitrova, Elizabeta 2015Journal Article
13Циклусот на Богородичниот акатист во црквата Света Богородица – МатејчеДимитрова, Елизабета 1996Journal Article