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Popovska, Melpomena
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1Impact of Harvest Time on the Main Agronomic and Fruit Quality Traits of Three Apricot CultivarsMratinić, Evica; Popovski, Bojan ; Milošević, Tomo; Popovska, Melpomena Oct-2012Article
2Influence of the time of first fruit color change and the duration of fruit ripening of cherry varieties on the infestation by R. cerasiBandzo, Katerina; Popovska, Melpomena ; Bandzo, Slobodan 18-Dec-2012Article
3Investigation of Aril Characteristics of Some Autochthonous Pomegranate (Punica granatum L) Varieties in MacedoniaMarkovski, Aleksandar ; Gjamovski, Viktor; Popovska, Melpomena 18-Dec-2017Article
4Investigation of the possibility for production of some stone fruit rootstocks by rooting cuttingsMarkovski, Aleksandar ; Popovska, Melpomena ; Gjamovski, Viktor2015Article
5Phenological and Production Characteristics of Some Strawberry Varieties in the Region of SkopjePopovski, Bojan ; Popovska, Melpomena 28-Dec-2012Article