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1Cholesteryl ester transfer protein, lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase, low density lipoprotein particle size and intima media thickness in patients with coronary heart diseaseK Tosheska Trajkovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Jovanova, Silvana ; I. Kostovska ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; S. Topuzovska Aug-2018Proceeding article
264_2_002.pdf.jpgEnzymatic changes in orchard workers with occupational exposure to pesticidesCekovska, Svetlana ; Stoleski, Sasho ; Violeta Soleva ; Katerina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Labudovic, Danica; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Irena Kostovska ; Bauer petrovska, Biljana ; Sonja Topuzovska Jan-2019Article
3[14374331 - Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)] Kidney diseases (1).pdf.jpgEvaluation of urinary proteins in women with preeclampsia by SDS PAGEI. Kostovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Labudovikj, Danica ; S. Alabakovska ; K Tosheska Trajkovska ; Igor SamardjiskiJun-2015Proceeding article
4thumbnail (16).jpg.jpgExternal quality assessment preanalytical scheme selectionIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Danica, Labudovic ; Gordana, Bosilkova Oct-2016Proceeding article
5LOKUS2015_Knjiga_sazetaka.pdf.jpgThe External Quality Assessment Scheme: Four years experience as a participation laboratoryKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Irena Kostovska ; Tosheska spasova, Natasha ; Sonja Alabakovska 2015Proceeding article
6abstract_book_2019 hrvatska.pdf.jpgFenotipovi lipoproteina (a) i apolipoproteina (a) kod zdrave makedonske djeceKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Sonja Topuzovska ; Irena Kostovska ; Labudovikj, Danica May-2019Proceeding article
7ias-2016-book-of-abstracts (1) russia.pdf.jpgLipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein (a) phenotypes in healthy Macedonian childrenKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Danica Labudovic ; Irena Kostovska ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Tosheska spasova, Natasha ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Marija Radovic; Sonja Alabakovska Jun-2016Proceeding article
8PMR_2019_2-3_labudovic.pdf.jpgLipoprotein(a) - Link between Atherogenesis and ThrombosisLabudovic, Danica ; Irena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Sonja Topuzovska 2019Article
92017_Article_EPMAWorldCongress.pdf.jpgNephrin - marker for early detection of hypertensive nephropathyIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Spasovski, Goce ; Labudovikj, Danica Sep-2017Proceeding article
10[BANTAO Journal] Nephrin and Podocalyxin - New Podocyte Proteins for Early Detection of Secondary Nephropathies.pdf.jpgNephrin and Podocalyxin - New Podocyte Proteins for Early Detection of Secondary NephropathiesIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Spasovski, Goce ; Labudovic, Danica 27-Jun-2016Article
11atherosclerosis 88 EAS.png.jpgNephrin and podocalyxin - podocyte markers for early detection of hypertensive nephropathyI. Kostovska ; K Tosheska Trajkovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; S. Topuzovska ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Spasovski, Goce Aug-2018Proceeding article
12isa 2018.png.jpgNephrin and Podocalyxin – Markers for Early Detection of Hypertensive NephropathyIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Spasovski, Goce Jun-2018Proceeding article
13euromedlab 2019.pdf.jpgOccupational exposure to pesticides in orchard workers and adverse health effects at clinical and biochemical levelCekovska, Svetlana ; K Tosheska Trajkovska ; Stoleski, Sasho ; Soleva, V; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Labudovikj, Danica ; I. Kostovska ; Bogdanska, Jasna Jun-2019Proceeding article
14BCLFTBS-Abstract-e-book.pdf.jpgPlasma levels of ApoB, ApoA1, and Apo B/A1 ratio are associated with coronary artery diseaseLabudovic, Danica ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Sonja Topuzovska ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Irena Kostovska ; Jovanova, Silvana Oct-2019Proceeding article
15cclm-2015-0091 porto.pdf.jpgPREANALYTICAL QUALITY INDICATORS CALCULATIONKostovska. I ; Tosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Alabakovska S. ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Labudovikj, Danica 2015Proceeding article
16abstract_book_2019 hrvatska.pdf.jpgProtein za prijenos kolesteril estera (CETP) i veličina čestica LDL u bolesnika s koronarnom bolešćuKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Irena Kostovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Sonja Topuzovska May-2019Proceeding article
17kostovska_i.pdf.jpgRisk management in the clinical laboratories-use of the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)Katerina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Irena Kostovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Natasa Toseska Spasova; Goran Nikolov; Sefedin Biljali; Sonja Topuzovska ; Marija, Krstevska2019Article
18NEPHRIN.jpg.jpgRole of nephrin and podocalyxin in early detection of diabetic nephropathyKostovska, I ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Tosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Spasovski, Goce ; Labudovikj, Danica 2016Article
19Role of urinary podocalyxin in early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathyIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Svetlana, Cekovska, ; Sonja Topuzovska ; Julijana Brezovska Kavrakova ; Goce, Spasovski ; Ognen Kostovski ; Danica, Labudovic 10-Aug-2020Article
20TRUD ZA HbSAg.jpg.jpgScreening of medical students for Hepatis B and Hepatitis C virusTosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Kostovska. I ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Topuzovska S. ; Krstevska Marija2016Article