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Wages Inequality in the Republic of Macedonia in a Post Crisis Period.pdf.jpgWages inequality in the Republic of Macedonia in a Post Crisis PeriodTrpeski, Predrag 2015Article
The_war_of_numbers_and_its_first_victim.pdf.jpgThe War of Numbers and its First Victim: The Aromanians in Macedonia (End of 19th - Beginning of 20th Century)Minov, Nikola 2012Journal Article
2007 DE.pdf.jpgWaste waters from copper ores mining/flotation in ‘Bucbim’ mine: characterization and remediationSvetomir Hadži Jordanov, Mirjana Maletic, Aleksandar Dimitrov, Dragan Slavkov, Perica PaunovicJul-2007Article
Water (R718) turbo thermocompressor and ejector refrigeration / heat pump tehnologyM.N. Sarevski and V.N. Sarevski2-Mar-2016Book
Water impact on change of physical characteristics of single-layer water–resistant particleboardsAziri, Basri; Jakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2013Journal Article
02_symposium_proceedings_vol_ii.pdf.jpgWater quality for fish farming in the pond "Modric"Naumovski Mirce, Belichovska Katerina, Belichovska Daniela, Pejkovski Zlatko, Duraku Suzana2016Proceedings
Water requirements for maize production in Europe under changing climate conditionsCeglar, Andrej; Chukaliev, Ordan; Duvellier, Gregory; Niemeyer, Stefan2013Article
Wave front sets with respect to Banach spaces of ultradistributions. Characterisation via the short-time fourier transformDimovski, Pavel; Prangoski, Bojan 2019Journal Article
Wavelet image decomposition based variable density compressive sampling in MRIPejoski, Slavche ; Kafedziski, Venceslav Nov-2011Article
Weak-odd edge-coloring of digraphsPetruševski, Mirko ; Riste Škrekovski2013Article
RAD 10_JBTA 2016.pdf.jpgWear under vibration conditions of spheroidal graphite cast iron microalloyed by SnKandeva M., Grozdanova T., Karastoyanov D., Ivanova B., Jakimovska K., Vencl A.,2016
CIIT2020_paper_41.pdf.jpgWeekly Analysis of Moodle Log Data in RStudio for Future Use in PredictionNeslihan Ademi; Suzana Loshkovska8-May-2020Proceeding article
WELFARE_STATE_IDEOLOGIES_AND_LONG-TERM_C.pdf.jpgWelfare state ideologies and long-term care regimes: challenges of working age carers with dependent relatives in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, Maja ; Bornarova, Suzana 2017Journal Article
Welfare_State_Realities_in_Macedonia_Tre.pdf.jpgWelfare state realities in Macedonia: Trends and perspectivesGerovska Mitev, Maja 2016Book chapter
Well_being_of_children_in_difficult_econ.pdf.jpgWell-being of children and young people in difficult economic timesGerovska Mitev, Maja 2009Monograph
WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF EXPANSIONARY FISCAL POLICY.pdf.jpgWhat do we know about the effects of expansionary fiscal policy - lessons from the great crisesFiti, Taki ; Tashevska, Biljana ; Antovska, Marica2015Proceeding article
Poposka Rate or Rhythm control.pdf.jpgWhat is the best strategy to follow in very old patients with atrial fibrillation: rate or rhythm control?Poposka, Lidija 20-Mar-2019Article
What is the role of innovation in productivity growth in Central and Eastern European countries?Tevdovski, Dragan ; Toshevska trpchevska, Katerina ; Makrevska disoska, Elena 2017Journal Article
Bozhinovska Lazarevska _ Transparency Reports.pdf.jpgWhat story do the transparency reports on the market for audit services tell? - The case of the Republic of Macedonia?Bozhinovska Lazarevska, Zorica ; Jancevska, Ivana ; Trpeska, Marina ; Atanasovski, Atanasko Nov-2018Proceeding article
Wheat germ agglutinin-functionalised crosslinked polyelectrolyte microparticles for local colon delivery of 5-FU: in vitro efficacy and in vivo gastrointestinal distributionGlavas-Dodov, Marija; Steffansen, Bente; Crcarevska, Maja S; Geskovski, Nikola; Dimchevska, Simona; Sonja Kuzmanovska ; Goracinova, Katerina2013Article