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Data Driven Analysis of Trade, FDI And International Relations On Global ScaleTrajanov, Dimitar ; Vodenska, Irena; Cvetanov, Goce; Chitkushev, LjubomirJun-2017Proceedings
Ethically Responsible Machine Learning in FintechRizinski, Maryan; Peshov, Hristijan; Mishev, Kostadin ; Chitkushev, Ljubomir; Vodenska, Irena; Trajanov, Dimitar 29-Aug-2022Article
Evaluation of Sentiment Analysis in Finance: From Lexicons to TransformersMishev, Kostadin ; Gjorgjevikj, Ana; Vodenska, Irena; Chitkushev, Lubomir T.; Trajanov, Dimitar Jun-2020Journal Article
Performance Evaluation of Word and Sentence Embeddings for Finance Headlines Sentiment AnalysisMishev, Kostadin ; Gjorgjevikj, Ana; Stojanov, Riste ; Mishkovski, Igor ; Vodenska, Irena; Chitkushev, Ljubomir; Trajanov, Dimitar 2019Book chapter