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Enzimatic antioxidants in raw cow milk.pdf.jpgENZIMATIC ANTIOXIDANTS IN RAW COW MILKNakov, Dimitar ; Trajchev, Metodija ; Velkoska Nakova, Valentina; Stojiljkovic, JasminaDec-2019Journal Article
Growth of Salmonella enteritidis in egg-based pasta.pdf.jpgGROWTH OF SALMONELLA ENTERITIDIS IN EGG-BASED PASTAStojiljkovic, Jasmina; Trajchev, Metodija ; Velkoska Nakova, Valentina; Nakov, Dimitar Dec-2019Journal Article
Book of abstracts_ASP 2019.pdf.jpgTHE INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT CONCENTRATIONS OF PLANT ESSENTIAL OILS ON GROWTH AND REPRODUCTION OF Salmonella enteritidisStojiljkovic, Jasmina; Trajchev, Metodija ; Petrovska, Milena ; Nakov, Dimitar 2019Proceedings