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A Comparative Approach to Screen the Capability of Raman and Infrared (Mid- and Near-) Spectroscopy for Quantification of Low-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Content Solid Dosage Forms: The Case of AlprazolamMakraduli, Liljana; Makreski, Petre ; Goracinova, Katerina; Stefov, Stefan; Anevska, Maja; Geskovski, NikolaJun-2020
Comparative biodistribution studies of technetium-99 m radiolabeled amphiphilic nanoparticles using three different reducing agents during the labeling procedureGeskovski, Nikola; Sonja Kuzmanovska ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja; Calis, Sema; Dimchevska, Simona; Petrusevska, Marija ; Zdravkovski, Pance ; Goracinova, KaterinaDec-2013Article
Design and evaluation of nanostructured lipid carriers loaded with Salvia officinalis extract for Alzheimer's disease treatmentMarkova, Elena; Taneska, Lea; Kostovska, Monika; Shalabalija, Dushko; Mihailova, Ljubica; Glavas Dodov, Marija ; Makreski, Petre ; Geskovski, Nikola; Petrushevska, Marija ; Taravari, Arben; Simonoska crcarevska, Maja Jun-2022Article
The impact of molecular tumor profiling on the design strategies for targeting myeloid leukemia and EGFR/CD44-positive solid tumorsGeskovski, Nikola; Matevska-Geshkovska, Nadica; Dimchevska Sazdovska, Simona; Glavas Dodov, Marija; Mladenovska, Kristina ; Goracinova, Katerina29-Apr-2021Article
Mid-infrared spectroscopy as process analytical technology tool for estimation of THC and CBD content in Cannabis flowers and extractsGeskovski, Nikola; Stefkov, Gjose; Gigopulu, Olga; Stefov, Stefan; Huck, Christian W; Makreski, Petre 15-Apr-2021
Solid-state interaction of ibuprofen with magnesium stearate and product characterization thereofStojanovska Pecova, Monika; Geskovski, Nikola; Petrushevski, Gjorgji; Chachorovska, Marina; Krsteska, Liljana; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Makreski, Petre Aug-2020Journal Article
Wheat germ agglutinin-functionalised crosslinked polyelectrolyte microparticles for local colon delivery of 5-FU: in vitro efficacy and in vivo gastrointestinal distributionGlavas-Dodov, Marija; Steffansen, Bente; Crcarevska, Maja S; Geskovski, Nikola; Dimchevska, Simona; Sonja Kuzmanovska ; Goracinova, Katerina2013Article