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Advantages of the Stator Flux Trajectory for Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines with Uncertain ResistancesRafajlovski, Goran ; Digalovski, Mihail ; Cvetkovski, Goga27-Feb-2019Article
Analysis of the stator topology impact on cogging torque for surface permanent magnet motorPetkovska, Lidija; Cvetkovski, Goga; Lefley, Paul2-Mar-2015Journal Article
Cogging Torque Minimisation of PM Synchronous Motor Using Nature Based AlgorithmsCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija25-Apr-2021Proceeding article
Comparative analysis of two optimal design approaches of PM disc motor for EVCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Gair, SinclairSep-2010Proceeding article
Comparison between two target functions for optimization of single phase shaded-pole motor using method of genetic algorithmsSarac, Vasilija; Petkovska, Lidija; Cundev, Milan; Cvetkovski, GogaApr-2005Journal Article
Finite element analysis of a novel single phase permanent magnet brushless DC motorLefley, Paul; Petkovska, Lidija; Ahmed, Saeed; Cvetkovski, GogaSep-2010Proceeding article
Genetic algorithm as a tool for multi-objective optimization of permanent magnet disc motorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija1-Jun-2016Journal Article
Hybrid analytical - FEM analysis of single phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorPetkovska, Lidija; Cvetkovski, GogaMay-2009Article
Multi-objective optimal design of permanent magnet synchronous motorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, LidijaSep-2016Proceeding article
Nature Inspired Optimal Design of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor for Electric VehicleCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, LidijaAug-2018Proceeding article
Optimal design of axial flux permanent magnet motor using Cuckoo searchCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija5-Dec-2016Journal Article
Optimal design of single phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor using particle swarm optimisationCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Lefley, Paul28-Oct-2014Journal Article
Optimal solution of PM synchronous motor obtained by gravitational search algorithmCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija2-Jun-2022Journal Article
Performance characteristics improvement of a PM disk motor by using soft magnetic composite materialCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Cundev, Milan; Gair, Sinclair17-Dec-2002Journal Article
Shaping the topology of a single phase BLDC motor for reduced cogging torque and improved performancePetkovska, Lidija; Lefley, Paul; Cvetkovski, Goga21-Jun-2022Journal Article
Single and Multi-Objective Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija25-Sep-2022Proceeding article
Specific power as objective function in GA optimal design of permanent magnet disc motorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Gair, Sinclair13-Jul-2010Journal Article
Specific power based optimal design of novel single phase PM BLDC motor using GACvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Lefley, PaulSep-2014Proceeding article
A Survey of Bio Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Optimal Design of Power DevicesCvetkovski, Goga27-Feb-2019Proceeding article
Synthesis and analysis of a high‐performance low‐cost permanent magnet brushless DC motorPetkovska, Lidija; Lefley, Paul; Cvetkovski, Goga7-Sep-2012Journal Article