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03 - Andreevski et al.pdf.jpgFOUR YEAR RESULTS OF CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT OF BENIGN STRICTURES OF THE ESOPHAGUS WITH SVARY GILLIARD TECHNIQUE OF BOUGIENAGE: CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY REPRESENTING FIRST EXPERIENCES IN REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIAVladimir Andreevski ; Deriban, Gjorgji ; Isahi, Urim ; Jane Mishevski; Genadieva Dimitrova, Magdalena ; Chaloska Ivanova, Viktorija ; Nenad Joksimovic; Popova Jovanovska, Rozalinda ; Vladimir SerafimovskiJan-2018Article
Insulin resistance in patients with chronic hepatitis CBeti Todorovska ; Viktorija Caloska-Ivanova; Genadieva Dimitrova, Magdalena ; Elena Curakova ; Nenad Joksimovic2016Article
THE SIRS SCORE RELEVANCE FOR ASSESSMENT OF SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION COMPARED TO C-REACTIVE PROTEIN IN PATIENTS WITH LIVER CIRRHOSISElena Curakova Ristovska ; Magdalena Genadieva-Dimitrova; Viktorija Caloska-Ivanova; Emilija Nikolovska; Nenad Joksimovic; Beti Todorovska ; Urim Isahi; Ivana Milichevik2019Article