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Crystal structure of a metal ion-bound oxoiron(IV) complex and implications for biological electron transferFukuzumi, Shunichi; Morimoto, Yuma; Kotani, Hiroaki; Naumov, Pance; Lee, Yong-Min; Nam, WonwooSep-2010
New type of dual solid-state thermochromism: modulation of intramolecular charge transfer by intermolecular pi-pi interactions, kinetic trapping of the aci-nitro group, and reversible molecular lockingNaumov, Pance; Lee, Sang Cheol; Ishizawa, Nobuo; Jeong, Young Gyu; Chung, Ihn Hee; Fukuzumi, Shunichi22-Oct-2009
Structure and spectroscopy of oxyluciferin, the light emitter of the firefly bioluminescenceNaumov, Pance; Ozawa, Yutaka; Ohkubo, Kei; Fukuzumi, Shunichi19-Aug-2009
Topochemical limits for solid-state photoreactivity by fine tuning of the pi-pi interactionsYang, Shi-Yao; Naumov, Pance; Fukuzumi, Shunichi3-Jun-2009