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Trud-37.pdf.jpgChronic ehrlichiosis in Miniature Pinscher – clinical caseNikolovski, G.; Novakov, T.; Celeska, I.; Gjurovski, I.; Ristoski, T.; Ilievska, K.2015
Trud-38.pdf.jpgDiagnostic caracteristics of circoviros infection in pigsGjurovski, I.; Angelovski, B.; Dovenski, T.; Mitrov, D.; Ristoski, Trpe 2015
Trud-34.pdf.jpgDistribution of the PCV2 antigen in different tissues and the histopathological changes in the same tissues from pigs with PMWSGjurovski, I.; Ristoski, T.2015
Trud-30.pdf.jpgFibrosarcoma of the mandible in Sharplaninamountain dog – Case reportUlcar, I.; Celeska, I.; Trojacanec, P.; Ilievska, K.; Gjurovski, I.; Ristoski, Trpe 2014
Trud-40.pdf.jpgHistopathological and immunohistochemical examibation on the colon of rats with TNBS-induced colitis after administration of functional food containing microencapsulated synbioticGjurovski, I.; Petreska-Ivanovska, T; Ristoski, Trpe ; Petrushevska-Tozi, L; Mladenovska, Kristina ; Kostadinova-Kunovska, S2016
Trud-47.pdf.jpgHistopathology Examination in Relation to Poison Typing in Poisoned DogsRistoski, Trpe ; Gjurovski, I.2018
Trud-50.pdf.jpgPoisoning of dog in the Republic of Macedonia – patomorphological changes and the impact on the animal welfareGjurovski, I.; Dovenska, M.; Janevski, A.; Ristoski, Trpe 2018
Trud-48.pdf.jpgPolyurethane/graphene oxide grafts for tissue engineeringIvanoska-Dacikj, A.; Bogoeva-Gaceva, G.; Krumme, A.; Scalera, C.; Stojkovski, V.; Gjorgoski, I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Gjurovski, I.; Mirčesk, V.2018
Trud-43.pdf.jpgProbiotic/synbiotic enriched ayran as functional food product – quality and therapeutic benefitsPetreska-Ivanovska, T; Zhivikj, Z.; Bogdanovska, L; Jurhar-Pavlova, M; Gjurovski, I.; Ristoski, T.; Mladenovska, K.; Petrushevska-Tozi, L.2016
Trud-44.pdf.jpgSynbiotic loaded chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles reduces inflammation in the TNBS model of rat colitisPetreska-Ivanovska, T; Mladenovska, K.; Zhivikj, Z.; Jurhar-Pavlova, M; Gjurovski, I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Petrushevska-Tozi, L.2017