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Delegated Attribute-Based Access Control (DABAC) for Contextual Linked DataStojanov, Riste ; Gramatikov, Sasho ; Jovanovik, Milos ; Trajanov, Dimitar 2019Proceeding article
Enhancing Text-Based Relatedness Measures with Semantic Web DataGjorgjevikj, Ana; Stojanov, Riste ; Trajanov, Dimitar 12-Oct-2017Book chapter
A Fine-Tuned Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers Model for Food Named-Entity Recognition: Algorithm Development and ValidationStojanov, Riste ; Popovski, Gorjan; Cenikj, Gjorgjina; Koroušić Seljak, Barbara; Eftimov, Tome2021Journal Article
Food Waste Ontology: A Formal Description of Knowledge from the Domain of Food WasteStojanov, Riste ; Eftimov, Tome; Pinchen, Hannah; Traka, Maria; Finglas, Paul; Torkar, Drago; Seljak, Barbara KorousicDec-2019Article
FoodViz: Visualization of Food Entities Linked Across Different StandardsStojanov, Riste ; Popovski, Gorjan; Jofce, Nasi; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Seljak, Barbara Koroušić; Eftimov, Tome2020Book chapter
HDL IP Cores Search Engine based on Semantic Web TechnologiesJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Zdraveski, Vladimir 12-Sep-2010Proceeding article
A Knowledgebase Editor Using Semantic Web TechnologiesJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Bakraceski, GoranFeb-2010Proceeding article
Linked Data Authorization PlatformStojanov, Riste ; Gramatikov, Sasho ; Mishkovski, Igor ; Trajanov, Dimitar 2018Journal Article
Linked data authorization platformGramatikov, Sasho ; Stojanov, Riste ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Mishkovski, Igor 27-Nov-2017Article
Open University DataJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Mitrevski, MartinApr-2012Proceeding article
Performance Evaluation of Word and Sentence Embeddings for Finance Headlines Sentiment AnalysisMishev, Kostadin ; Gjorgjevikj, Ana; Stojanov, Riste ; Mishkovski, Igor ; Vodenska, Irena; Chitkushev, Ljubomir; Trajanov, Dimitar 2019Book chapter
PharmKE: Knowledge Extraction Platform for Pharmaceutical Texts using Transfer LearningJofche, Nasi; Mishev, Kostadin ; Stojanov, Riste ; Jovanovik, Milos ; Trajanov, Dimitar 25-Feb-2021Preprint
Semantic Sky: A Platform for Cloud Service Integration based on Semantic Web TechnologiesJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Zdraveski, Vladimir ; Ristoski, Petar; Georgiev, Marjan; Filiposka, Sonja 5-Sep-2012Proceeding article
Semantic-Driven Secured Data Access in Distributed IoT SystemsStojanov, Riste ; Gramatikov, Sasho ; Popovski, Ognen; Trajanov, Dimitar Nov-2018Article
Temporal Authorization Graphs: Pros, Cons and LimitsStojanov, Riste ; Popovski, Ognen; Jovanovik, Milos ; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Trajanov, Dimitar Jan-2022Book chapter; Proceeding article
Toward Robust Food Ontology MappingStojanov, Riste ; Kocev, Ilija; Gramatikov, Sasho ; Popovski, Gorjan; Korousic Seljak, Barbara; Eftimov, Tome10-Dec-2020Article
Use of Semantic Web Technologies for Meeting Management Software DevelopmentJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Nikov, Aleksandar; Petkovski, MilanSep-2009Proceeding article
Use of Semantic Web technologies in Knowledge ManagementJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Apostolski, VladimirJan-2010Proceeding article