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“Life expectancy at birth in Southeastern Europe: Applied cointegrated panel regression”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2015Article
"Long run relationship between imports and exports in Republic of Macedonia: Applied cointegration and error correction model”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2013Article
"Migration an its impact on the demographic transition in the countries of the European Union"Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borche ; Tashevska, Biljana 2018Article
“Modeling the informal economy in EU: Structural equations approach”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija 2009Article
EJIM50602_Skerlavaj et al.pdf.jpg“The organizational learning culture and organizational performance in Macedonian companies”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tevdovski, Dragan ; Kekenovski, LJubomir ; Cerne, Matej; Dimovski, Vlado; Škerlavaj, Miha2011Article
Socio-economic determinants of social spending in the EU.pdf.jpgSocio-economic Determinants of Social Spending in the EUTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borche Jun-2019Journal Article
137-Article Text-505-2-10-20190907.pdf.jpgSOCIO-ECONOMIC DETERMINANTS OF SOCIAL SPENDING IN THE EUTashevska, Biljana ; Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija ; Trenovski, Borce 2019
201103201500_03_BEH_Vol4_MACEDONIA_Debarliev_and_Trpkova_Strategic_Planning_inTransition (1).pdf.jpgStrategic planning practice in transition economies: Empirical evidence from the Macedonian contextDebarliev, Stojan ; Trpkova-Nestorovska, Marija 14-Jan-2011Journal Article
marija_trpkova__dragan_tevdovski___twostep_cluster_analysis___segmentation_of_largest_companies_in_macedonia.pdf.jpg“Twostep cluster analysis: Segmentation of the largest companies in Macedonia”Trpkova nestorovska, Marija ; Tevdovski, Dragan 2009Proceeding article
Вовед во анализата на временските серииРистески, Славе ; Тевдовски, Драган ; Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2012Article
Демографија-методи и анализаРистески, Славе ; Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2014Book
2 Apstrakt.pdf.jpg„Примена на векторските авторегресивни модели во макроекономското моделирање“Трпкова несторовска, Марија 2014Thesis