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BITOLA 2016 Zvanje VP Final.pdf.jpgLONGITUDINAL DATA FOR MODELING URBAN MOBILITY ON LONG TERMKrakutovski, Zoran ; Zafirovski, Zlatko ; Nedevska, IvonaMay-2016Proceeding article
Modelling and planning urban mobility on long term by age-cohort modelKrakutovski, Zoran ; Moslavac, Darko ; Zafirovski, Zlatko 2017
Needs and Possibilities of Development of the Macedonian MotorwaysOgnjenovic, Slobodan; Narezhnaya, Tamara; Zafirovski, Zlatko ; Nedevska, Ivana19-Dec-2017Article
MOSTAR 2015 Zvanje VP Final.pdf.jpgONE APPROACH FOR EXTRAPOLATION OF ROCK MASS PARAMETERS IN TUNNELINGZafirovski, Zlatko Sep-2015Proceeding article
Planning of the Traffic System in Urban EnvironmentsOgnjenović, Slobodan; Zafirovski, Zlatko ; Vatin, Nikolai2015
Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures, 2014, № 11 (26) Zvanje VP Final.pdf.jpgPreliminary technical studies for the connection of the two Pan-European Corridors in the district between Sopotnica and MeseistaZafirovski, Zlatko ; Krakutovski, Zoran ; Gjosevski, GoranNov-2014Article
Stability analysis of individual blocks during excavation of the rock massif for a hydraulic facilityZafirovski, Zlatko ; Papić, Jovan; Peševski, Igor2015Article
DGKS 2018 Zvanje VP Final.pdf.jpgTechnical measures for the rehabilitation in the hydrotechnical tunnel on Saska River - M. KamenicaZafirovski, Zlatko ; Jovanovski, Milorad ; Gacevski, VaskoSep-2018Proceeding article
Usage of Empirical-Statical-Dynamical (ESD) method for data extrapolation in Tunnel ConstructionZafirovski, Zlatko 2016