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Ljubic,Trajkovski et al. Ophthalmic manifestations in children and young adults with Down syndrome and congenital heart defects.pdf.jpgOphthalmic manifestations in children and young adults with Down syndrome and congenital heart defectsLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Tesic, Milorad; Tojtovska, Biljana ; Stankovic, Branislav2015Journal Article
7-24-Bisera Mladenovska-Vladimir Trajkovski.pdf.jpgOpinions and Attitudes of Parents and Students for Sexual Development, Sexual Behavior and Gender Identity of Persons with Autism in the Republic of MacedoniaMladenovska, Bisera; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2010Journal Article
2017 Preece & Trajkovski HRRI.pdf.jpgParent education in autism spectrum disorder – a review of the literaturePreece, David; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2017Journal Article
Parental Perspectives on Support Needs and Availability of Autism Services in South and South-Eastern EuropeVasilevska Petrovska, Ivana; Giannakopoulou, Anastasia C.; Tsecoura, Vassiliki; Winstanley, Angela; Miletto, Roberto; Georgeta Constanta Rosca, Georgeta; Ivanova, Biserka; Kaisa, Vasiliki; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2021Journal Article
Personality, Anxiety, and Stress in Patients with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome. The Polish Preliminary StudyKossewska, Joanna; Bierlit, Karolina; Trajkovski, Vladimir 20-Dec-2022Journal Article
Hansen,Trajkovski-J Autism Dev Disord-Juni 2017.pdf.jpgA Pilot Study of a Behavioral Parent Training in the Republic of MacedoniaHansen, Blake D; Orton, Emma Lucy; Adams, Chase; Knecht, Laura; Rindlisbaker, Sophie; Jurtoski, Filip; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2017Journal Article
Plan S the Present and Future of Open Access PublishingTrajkovski, Vladimir 2022Journal Article
15_TRAJKOVSKI.pdf.jpgPlasma Concentration of Immunoglobulin Classes and Subclasses in Children with Autism in the Republic of Macedonia: Retrospective StudyTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Ajdinski, Ljupcho; Spiroski, Mirko 2004Journal Article
Biljana Petrusevska, Lada Trajceska, Daniela Mladenovska, Vladimir Trajkovski, Aleksandar Sikole-JMS-dekemvri 2018.pdf.jpgPredictors of Disability in Hemodialisis PatientsPetrushevska, Biljana; Trajcheska, Lada; Mladenovska, Daniela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Shikole, Aleksandar2018Journal Article
Blagica,Luis,Ajay,Jane,Vladimir Trajkovski-JNeurosciRuralPract_2018_9_4_510_239845.pdf.jpgPreliminary results of the Macedonian-adapted version of ages and stages developmental questionnairesStanoevska, Blagica; Anunciação, Luis; Squires, Jane; Singh, Ajay; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2018Journal Article
Primenljivost procedura za razvoj i unapređivanje socijalnih veština u osnovnoj školi – perspektiva defektologaBankovic, Slobodan; Brojčin, Branislav; Antonijević, Marina; Vasilevska Petrovska, Ivana; Bukovica, Aleksandra; Trajkovski, Vladimir 11-Dec-2023Proceeding article
03.(p.14-23)-trajkovski-JRTDD-3-1.pdf.jpgPsychological aspects of autism spectrum disorderTrajkovski, Vladimir 2020Journal Article
Acta ophtalmologica-Refractive errors in children and young adults with Down syndrome.pdf.jpgRefractive errors in children and young adults with Down's syndromeLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2011Journal Article
GZ59.44. Rett Sy.pdf.jpgRett-ов синдромТрајковски, Владимир 2006Journal Article
135-137-Vladimir Trajkovski-Prikaz na kniga na A.Lakoski-1999.pdf.jpg[review] Анастас Лакоски, ПсихогенетикаТрајковски, Владимир 1999Article
193-194-Vladimir Trajkovski-Prikaz na kniga na G.Ajdinski.pdf.jpg[review] Горан Ајдински, Карактеристики во развојот кај лесно ментално ретардираните ученициТрајковски, Владимир 2000Article
Risk Factors in Adult Myopia in MacedoniaLjubic, Antonela; Dimitrova, Galina; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Stankovic, Branislav; Djordjievska, Ana7-May-2024Journal Article
01.(str.5-15)-Vladimir-Trajkovski-editorial.pdf.jpgThe role of article level metrics in scientific publishingTrajkovski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
V.Trajkovski-Savremene tendencije u tretmanu autizma-BG-maj-2009.pdf.jpgSavremene tendencije u tretmanu autističnog spektra poremećajaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2009Proceeding article
04-Vlado Trajkovski-Blagorodna Grozdanovska-medicinski tretman.pdf.jpgSequelae of Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Patients Treated at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions in SkopjeГроздановска, Благородна; Трајковски, Владимир 2005Journal Article