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IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON SALES FUNNELS IN B2C AND B2B SEGMENTS IN THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIAKiselicki, Martin ; Josimovski, Saso ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija ; Santa, Mijalche 3-Mar-2021Article
THE IMPACT OF WEBSITE DESIGN ON CONSUMER DECISION MAKING – EVIDENCE FROM NORTH MACEDONIAMijoska belshoska, Marina ; Trenevska blagoeva, Kalina ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija Sep-2023Article
Model for Implementing Gamification in HeisKiselicki, Martin; Josimovski, Saso; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija 15-Dec-2023Proceeding article
Navigating Data Privacy, Security and Algorithmic Bias in Artificial Intelligence in E-Business for SMEsJosimovski, Sasho ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija 16-Mar-2024Proceeding article
PROCESS OF E-RECRUITMENT FOR ENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS IN NORTH MACEDONIAKiselichki, Martin ; Josimovski, Saso ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija 11-Nov-2022Proceeding article
RESPONSES FOR FUTURE SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONSPulevska ivanovska, Lidija ; Ristevska jovanovska, Snezhana 2022Article
STRESS MANAGEMENT AMONG EMPLOYEES IN LOGISTICS SECTORPostolov, Kiril ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija 1-Nov-2018Article
UTILIZING NARRATIVE DESIGN IN E-COMMERCE CAMPAIGNSJosimovski, Sasho ; Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija ; Kiselicki, Martin 2-Dec-2021Proceeding article