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LOKUS2015_Knjiga_sazetaka.pdf.jpgAccreditation of medical laboratories in the Republic of MacedoniaKaterina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Irena Kostovska ; Tosheska spasova, Natasha ; Sonja Alabakovska 2015Proceeding article
thumbnail.jpg.jpgAssociation of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene polymorphism (C677T) and homocysteine levels in coronary artery diseaseBrezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Tosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Kostovska, I ; Krstevska, M2016Article
belgrad 2018.pdf.jpgBIOCHEMICAL LABORATORY SHOULD REPORT VERIFICATED REFERENCE INTERVALSIrena Kostovska ; Gordana, Bosilkova, ; Svetlana, Cekovska, ; Verica Ristevska; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska 2018Proceeding article
Cholesteryl ester transfer protein, lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase, low density lipoprotein particle size and intima media thickness in patients with coronary heart diseaseK Tosheska Trajkovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Jovanova, Silvana ; I. Kostovska ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; S. Topuzovska Aug-2018Article
AMB-2-18.indd.pdf.jpgComparative Assessment of uNGAL, uNAG and Cystatin C As Early Biomarkers in Renal Post-Transplant PatientsG. Nikolov; M. Boncheva; T. Gruev; K T Trajkovska ; I. Kostovska 1-Dec-2018Article
thumbnail (7).jpg.jpgComparison of the results for the most frequently appointes biochemical parameters obtained with manuel and automated assay proceduresKostovska. I ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Tosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Marija Gerakaroska; Bogdanska, Jasna Sep-2013Proceeding article
64_2_002.pdf.jpgEnzymatic changes in orchard workers with occupational exposure to pesticidesCekovska, Svetlana ; Stoleski, Sasho ; Violeta Soleva ; Katerina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Irena Kostovska ; Bauer petrovska, Biljana ; Sonja Topuzovska Jan-2019Article
euromedlab 2015.pdf.jpgEvaluation budget for the measurement uncertainity of ALT in serumI. Kostovska ; Marija Gerakaroska; K Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Bosilkova, Gordana Jun-2015Proceeding article
[14374331 - Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)] Kidney diseases (1).pdf.jpgEvaluation of urinary proteins in women with preeclampsia by SDS PAGEI. Kostovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Labudovikj, Danica ; S. Alabakovska ; K Tosheska Trajkovska ; Igor SamardjiskiJun-2015Proceeding article
thumbnail (16).jpg.jpgExternal quality assessment preanalytical scheme selectionIrena Kostovska ; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Danica, Labudovic ; Gordana, Bosilkova Oct-2016Proceeding article
thumbnail (15).jpg.jpgExternal quality assessment scheme of urinary sediment as an excellent educational tool for medical laboratory studentsTosheska-Trajkovska, K ; Kostovska, Irena ; Bosilkova, Gordana ; Cekovska, Svetlana Oct-2016Proceeding article
LOKUS2015_Knjiga_sazetaka.pdf.jpgThe External Quality Assessment Scheme: Four years experience as a participation laboratoryKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Labudovikj, Danica ; Irena Kostovska ; Tosheska spasova, Natasha ; Sonja Alabakovska 2015Proceeding article
abstract_book_2019 hrvatska.pdf.jpgFenotipovi lipoproteina (a) i apolipoproteina (a) kod zdrave makedonske djeceKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Sonja Topuzovska ; Irena Kostovska ; Labudovikj, Danica May-2019Proceeding article
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation.pdf.jpgFP171ROLE OF URINARY NEPHRIN IN EARLY DETECTION OF SECONDARY NEPHROPATHIESIrena Kostovska 1-Jun-2019Proceeding article
Harmonisation of the laboratory testing process: need for a coordinated approachCeriotti, Ferruccio; Barhanovic, Najdana Gligorovic; Irena Kostovska ; Kotaska, Karel; Perich Alsina, Maria Carmen2016Article
High expression of CD133 - stem cell marker for prediction of clinically aggressive type of colorectal cancerOgnen Kostovski ; Antovikj, Svetozar ; Trajkovski, Gjorgji; Irena Kostovska ; Rubens Jovanovic ; Jankulovski, Nikola 14-Apr-2020Article
2017_Article_EPMAWorldCongress.pdf.jpgHomocysteine: risk factor for coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusMarija Krstevska; Ksenija Bogoeva Kostovska; Katerina Tosheska Trajkovska ; Irena Kostovska Sep-2017Proceeding article
eflm 2016 Polska.pdf.jpgHyperhomocysteinemia in patients with coronary artery diseaseJulijana Brezovska Kavrakova ; Svetlana Cekovska ; Irena Kostovska ; Marija KrstevskaSep-2016Proceeding article
euromedlab milano cover.pdf.jpgLipid profile in diabetic patients according to their glycaemic controlI. Kostovska ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; K Tosheska Trajkovska May-2013Proceeding article
ias-2016-book-of-abstracts (1) russia.pdf.jpgLipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein (a) phenotypes in healthy Macedonian childrenKaterina Tosheska-Trajkovska ; Danica Labudovic ; Irena Kostovska ; Bogdanska, Jasna ; Brezovska Kavrakova, Julijana ; Tosheska spasova, Natasha ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Marija Radovic; Sonja Alabakovska Jun-2016Proceeding article