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02.(str.5-16)Vladimir-Trajkovski-Editorial-JSER-1-2-2017.pdf.jpg20 years Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation - a period of continuous developmentTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Donev, Doncho 2017Journal Article
16-29 Stankova - Trajkovski-DTP-3-4-2010.pdf.jpgAttitudes and Opinions of Employers, Employees and Parents about the Employment of People with Autism in the Republic Of MacedoniaStankova, Tanja; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2010Journal Article
WeerkampDEF.pdf.jpgAutism: is there a place for ReAttach therapy? A promotion of natural self-healing through emotions rewiringWeerkamp Bartolomeus, Paula; Peter, Soren; Srivastava, Ashutosh; Fitzgerald, Michael; Marazziti, Donatella; Poletaev, Alexandar; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2018Book chapter
Biomedicinski tretman autizma-Rijeka-oktom-2006.pdf.jpgBiomedicinski tretman autizmaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2006Proceeding article
Vladimir Trajkovski-Comorbid medical conditions in ASD-conference Ohrid 2013.pdf.jpgCo-morbid medical conditions in autism spectrum disordersTrajkovski, Vladimir 2014Proceeding article
01.p.1-6-Vladimir-Trajkovski-Editorial-JRTDD-1-1.pdf.jpgA comparison between electronic and printed journalsTrajkovski, Vladimir 2018Journal Article
Trajkovski-Spiroski-HLA_Autism-Bratislava Medical Journal-januari 2015.pdf.jpgDNA typing of HLA-A, -C, -B, AND -DRB1 in the children with autism in the Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Spiroski, Mirko 2015Journal Article
Ristovska-Jachova-Trajkovski-PC-mart-2014-Rano-otkrivanje-razvojnih-poremecaja-u-primarnoj-zdravstvenoj-zastiti.pdf.jpgEarly detection of developmental disorders in primary health careRistovska, Lidija; Jachova, Zora ; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2014Journal Article
Tematski zbornik 2016 - prof. Trajkovski & Jurtoski.pdf.jpgEarly intervention in children with autism spectrum disorders in Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Jurtoski, Filip2016Proceeding article
Svet rada-Systane UD_new.pdf.jpgEfekat veštačkih suza bez konzervansa kod nosilaca kontaktnih sočiva i kod nenosilaca kontaktnih sočivaLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2010Journal Article
Vasilevska Petrovska-Trajkovski JADD-juli-2019_Article Effects Of A Computer-Based Interv.pdf.jpgEffects of a Computer-Based Intervention on Emotion Understanding in Children with Autism Spectrum ConditionsVasilevska Petrovska, Ivana; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2019Journal Article
03.p.26-39-vasilevska-petrovska-et-al-JRTDD-2-1.pdf.jpgEnvironmental Barriers and Facilitators to Participation of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders: stakeholders’ perspectiveVasilevska Petrovska, Ivana; Giannakopoulou, Angeliki; Giannakopoulou, Anastasia; Winstanley, Angela; Miletto, Roberto; Constanta Rosca, Georgeta; Ivanova, Biserka; Kaisa, Vasiliki; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2019Journal Article
Ristovska,Jachova,Trajkovski-HRRI-2-2013.pdf.jpgEpidemiological aspects of developmental disorders in school aged childrenRistovska, Lidija; Jachova, Zora ; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2013Journal Article
03-Vlado-Trajkovski-Vasilevska-Spiroski-Ajdinski-medicinski tretman.pdf.jpgEpidemiological Characteristics of Autism in Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Vasilevska, Kristin ; Ajdinski, Ljupcho; Spiroski, Mirko 2005Journal Article
Essential infantile esotropiaLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2014Journal Article
Essential infantile esotropia [in German]Ljubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2014Journal Article
Vladimir Trajkovski-Etiologija-autizam.pdf.jpgEtiology of AutismTrajkovski, Vladimir 2004Journal Article
027-034-Ana Karevska-Vladimir Trajkovski-JSER-1-2-2005.pdf.jpgEtiology of Speech Disorders in “Institute For Rehabilitation of Hearing, Speech and Voice” – SkopjeKarevska, Ana; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2005Journal Article
Todorov-Trajkovski-JSER-Vol.12-Issue-1-2.pdf.jpgEvaluation of the Language Communicational Skills of Persons With Broca’s Aphasia as a Concomitance from Cerebrovascular InsultTodorov, Ilija; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2011Journal Article
84-100-Nolcheva-Trajkovski-STRESS COPING AND SUPPORT AMONG  PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS.pdf.jpgExploratory Study: Stress, Coping and Support among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersNolcheva, Meri; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2015Journal Article