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25 - Beograd 2002.pdf.jpgAnalysis of linear and arc approximation of synthetic surfacesTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir; Sidorenko, Sofija 2002Article
Comfort analysis of vehicle driver’s seat through simulation of the sitting processMircheski, Ile ; Kandikjan, Tatjana ; Sidorenko, Sofija Apr-2014Journal Article
18 - NISsrpski mongeometrija 2000.pdf.jpgComputer aided visualization of the descriptive geometry methodsTashevski, Risto ; Sidorenko, Sofija ; Joleski, Tome2000Article
24 - Podgorica mongeometrija 2002.pdf.jpgGeometric product model with integrated knowledge dataSidorenko, Sofija ; Tashevski, Risto 2002Article
26 - MMA 2002 Belgrad.pdf.jpgInfluence of virtual models of NC machine in the process of virtual NC machiningSidorenko, Sofija ; Dukovski, Vladimir; Tashevski, Risto 2002Article
20 - DAAM 2000.pdf.jpgKnowledge-based virtual NC machiningSidorenko, Sofija ; Dukovski, Vladimir; Tashevski, Risto 2000Article
trud.pdf.jpgMathematical determination of synthetic surfaces perpendicular and tangent linesTashevski, Risto ; Dukovski, Vladimir; Sidorenko, Sofija 2007Journal Article
Индустрискиот дизајн, предизвици, развој, образование и апликативна дејностKandikjan, Tatjana ; Sidorenko, Sofija ; Mircheski, Ile Dec-2014Journal Article