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Canonical commutative ternary groupoidsCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Celakoska, Emilija 2017
Complex equations of motion for a body under gravitational influence by using a nine-parameter space–time bundle with the structural group SO(3,C)Trenčevski, Kostadin; Celakoska, Emilija Aug-2018Article
Coverings by n-cubes and the Gauss–Bonnet theoremCelakoska, Emilija ; Trencevski, KostadinAug-2018Article
Mathematical terminology-on the names of fractions in Macedonian language.pdf.jpgMathematical terminology: On the names of fractions in the Macedonian languageCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Celakoska, Emilija 2016Article
The names of foreign mathematicians in Macedonian.pdf.jpgThe names of foreign mathematicians in MacedonianCelakoska-Jordanova, Vesna; Celakoska, Emilija 2016Article
On Complex Homogeneous Space of Vectors with ConstraintsCelakoska, Emilija ; null, null; Hadzieva, Elena ; Celakoska-Jordanova, Vesna2017Article
IJAMR-7617.pdf.jpgOn the Nordtvedt effect in Minkowski spacetime with nonlinear connectionTrenčevski, Kostadin; Celakoska, Emilija 6-Nov-2017Article